i have no idea what to put here lol but im jareugui thts it

im skye and i am really the nauren of rp. here to help you with your ps and theme needs!
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i made some nash grier icons, feel free to use them.

west-parkasylumrp whispered-- Hey, love! We've just recently re-opened and re-vamped and we're expecting some apps. Can we get a shout out, please? Thank you so much.
seniorsrpg whispered-- Hi, we’re a brand new OC/Skeleton RP based around senior year in the town of Eureka, Texas. We only have 4 out of our 30 roles taken and we’re looking for some applications. Could you give us a shout out, please?
Anonymous whispered-- May I have a list of female FCs who could pull of a Scottish princess, at least 18? Thank you in advance!
  • Freya Mavor
  • Perrie Edwards
  • Karen Gillan

That’s all that I can think of right now, I’m sorry if it’s not enough!


can someone please give me something to do? i need to get my mind off of things. graphics, tutorials, masterlists, anything.

streetsofgold-rpg whispered-- Hey can we get a shout out please? We are a band/celeb rpg with a bit of a gossip girl type twist. we’re fairly new and have a bunch of open roles. We’d love to see some new members. Thank you(:

hii, does anyone need any help?

This gif hunt of my baby, Lauren Jauregui (1/5 of Fifth Harmony), contains 140 labeled, small/medium, and HQ gifs. Every single gif in this hunt was made by me, so I would appreciate it if you liked or reblogged this. ENJOY.


when you’re so obsessed with a band for so long you forget they’re not actually your friends

im gonna make a lauren gif hunt ok sry for the absence i have rediscovered my password